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Conversion to Living Space

  1. Conversions for Living Areas
  2. City of Zephyrhills Building Department
    Phone: 813-780-0020
  3. All Conversions not under a trussed roof must have plans (*) signed and sealed.
    Complying with the 140 wind load requirements per section 1609, 5th edition FBC.
  4. Plans for conversions under a trussed roof may be submitted by a contractor or homeowner.
  5. The following must be included in any plans:
  6. 1. Floor level of converted areas to be 8 inches above crown of street or same as existing floor of living area.
  7. 2. If carport, must show evidence of approved footer.
  8. 3. If water heater is involved, it must be drained to outside from the drain pan.
  9. 4. Ceilings must show 90-inch height, and doors 80 inches.
  10. 5. Florida Model Energy Code must accompany plans. Applicable form provided by Building Department.
  11. 6. Plans must indicate method of heating.
  12. 7. Electrical plans must show required outlets.
  13. 8. Insulation should be R-13 in the walls and R-30 in the ceilings.
  14. The following are required for submittal:
  15. Commercial Building Permit Requirements
  16. 5335 8th Street
  17. Phone: 813-780-0050
  18. Fax: 813-780-0021
  19. 1. All Site Plan Review requirements must be satisfied before permit submitted and issued.
  20. 2. Permit application must be completed entirely with sub-contractors.
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