Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project

Wastewater Treatment Plant Entrance Photo

Project Summary
The City of Zephyrhills is doing a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) upgrade to make it an Advanced Water Treatment (AWT). The benefits of an AWT is to strip the water of unwanted nutrients like nitrates and phosphorus. This will provide Zephyrhills residents with a better quality of water for their irrigation; and a better quality of water for the environment.

Project Start /Completion
This project started in May of 2020, and should be complete in May of 2022.

Project Status
As of March 2022, the new filter has been constructed and is going through testing. The Department of Environmental Protection has given their approval to put Cells 1 & 2 in service on the new filter while the other three cells are tested. Two new pre-constructed buildings have also been installed to house chemical feed, and electrical for the new filter.