Residential Paint Grant Program 2018

Community Redevelopment Agency




 The intent of this program is to encourage reinvestment in residential structures within the Community Redevelopment Overlay District.

Who Can Apply

 Any residential property owner within the CRA Overlay District can apply. The house must be an owner occupied residence.

Program Guidelines

The Zephyrhills CRA will provide matching funds up to $500 for paint to improve the façade/exterior of the home.
Funds shall be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Only one grant shall be awarded per residential structure.

Property owner will be reimbursed the cost of paint up to $500 in matching funds upon completion of work. Materials such as buckets and brushes are not reimbursable items.

All color schemes shall accent the structure as well as harmonize with adjacent structures. Colors shall be period specific.

Work done by property owner will require a written estimate for cost of paint, type of paint to be used and color. If a professional is doing work, a written estimate, breaking out the cost of the paint, will be required along with color of paint (body, trim, and accent)

No grant monies shall be used to perform general repair, structural or habitable work or otherwise to meet code to occupy the structure. (no roofing).

No work shall be done prior to grant approval. Upon grant approval, applicant will be required to place a CRA Grant sign, furnished by the CRA viewable by the public, for the duration of the project. Failure to return the sign at the completion of the project will generate a $50 charge to be deducted from the grant funds.


 It is not the intent of the Zephyrhills Community Redevelopment Agency to engage in any rehabilitation activity that requires vacating the property.


 The Paint Grant Program shall be available to anyone meeting the eligibility requirements, and no one shall be denied the benefits of said program because of race, color, national origin, or sex.

General Requirements

1. The residence must be structurally sound.
2. Property taxes, both city and county, must be current.

Program Procedures

1. Submit completed application and checklist with supporting data to the CRA.
2. CRA staff reviews application for compliance.
3. Application is placed on the CRA agenda for approval.
4. Upon approval by the CRA Board, written notice will be sent to the property owner. No work shall start until written notice is                    received.
5. Grantee is responsible for any permits required by the City of Zephyrhills Building Department. Cost of permitting is not part of               grant funding.
6. Any unapproved changes will void the grant. If grantee decides to make changes to the project after approval by the CRA                      Board, grantee must contact the CRA office.
7. When project is complete the CRA will reimburse the owner the total amount approved by the CRA Board. A W-9 will be                         required for tax purposes.
8. Grantee must submit paid invoice for reimbursement.
9. Staff will be available to offer any assistance needed and make seek outside guidance on any project being considered for the              grant program.