Tax Exemption Certificate-7/2027

    Tax Exemption Certificate (2022-2027)

  II                                      Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption II                                        DR-14
FLORIDA                                         Issued Pursuant to Chapter 212, Florida Statutes                                              R. 01/18


I 85-8012740166C-4                           07/31/2022                           07/31/2027                      MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT
Certificate Number                          Effective Date                    Expiration Date                      Exemption Category  
This certifies that

5335 8TH ST

is exempt from the payment of Florida sales and use tax on real property rented, transient rental property rented, tangible personal property purchased or rented, or services purchased.

     II                       _____________________________________________                                 DR-14
FLORIDA                         Important Information for Exempt Organizations                                    R. 01/18


1. You must provide all vendors and suppliers with an exemption certificate before making tax-exempt purchases. See Rule 12A-              1.038, Florida Administrative Code {F.A.C.).

2. Your Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption is to be used solely by your organization for your organization’s customary nonprofit               activities.

3. Purchases made by an individual on behalf of the organization are taxable, even if the individual will be reimbursed by the                      organization.

4. This exemption applies only to purchases your organization makes. The sale or lease to others of tangible personal property,                 sleeping accommodations, or other real property is taxable. Your organization must register, and collect and remit sales and                   use tax on such taxable transactions. Note: Churches are exempt from this requirement except when they are the                                   lessor of real property (Rule 12A-1.070, F.A.C.).

5. It is a criminal offense to fraudulently present this certificate to evade the payment of sales tax. Under no circumstances should            this certificate be used for the personal benefit of any individual. Violators will be liable for payment of the sales tax plus a                      penalty of 200% of the tax, and may be subject to conviction of a third-degree felony. Any violation will require the                                   revocation of this certificate.

6. If you have questions regarding your exemption certificate, please contact the Exemption Unit of Account Management at 800-             352-3671. From the available options, select "Registration of Taxes," then "Registration Information," and finally                                    "Exemption Certificates and Nonprofit Entities." The mailing address is PO Box 6480, Tallahassee, FL 32314-6480.