Pool Requirements

5335 8TH ST
PHONE: 813-780-0020
FAX: 813-780-0021

1. Licenses: The City will reciprocate with state certified license or county competency license.
    Fees for all contractors are $30.00 each. If homeowner residing in said dwelling & desires to do work, a                                                    homeowner’s permit may be pulled.

2. Contact Duke Energy customer service 1-800-700-8744 you must let them know the permitting office needs a letter of no                         conflict. Duke does charge a small fee to have the letter done.

3. Legal description: Lot & block numbers & subdivision (if applicable). Parcel I.D. # is also required (you can find this on property                 tax receipt).

4. Two sets engineered plans & site plans showing setbacks, minimum required as follows:

Zoning of R1, R2, & R3 single family:            Zoning of R4 & R3 duplexes:

10’ feet on interior side property line or                                              10’ feet on interior side property line or

20’ feet if corner lot                                                                             30’ feet if corner lot

10’ feet on rear                                                                                    15’ feet on rear

20’ feet on front                                                                                   30’ feet on front

Any walls or accessory structures adjacent thereto must comply with required district setbacks.

5. Requirements for pool enclosure must be permitted before or with pool permits.

6. Permits required: Residential in-ground - minimum. $50.00; above ground/Spa - minimum $45.00; commercial - minimum $70.00.

        a. Building fee based on contract or cost of pool.
        b. Electrical fee: $45.  (Must be pulled with building permit).
        c. Plumbing fee: $45 (Not applicable if above ground pools).

7. Above ground & portable pools require permits; above referenced requirements are applicable, except for the following: if GFI                 receptacle is within 3 feet of the pump & pump has flex cord with a grounding type attachment- No electrical permit is                                 required.

8. Inspection required for in-ground pools – bonding (any metal within 5 feet of water’s edge or in pool); rough plumbing & rough                 electrical (if applicable); rough inspection on decking (if applicable); final – enclosure to be final before pool is filled with                           water or at pool final.

9. Fences or any type of enclosures are required to be permitted. Barriers shall comply with the 5th edition Florida Building Code,                Chapter 4.

10. If public pool- State Board of Health stamp & Pasco County Health Department approval required.

NOTE: All Construction plans for pools shall be engineered and shall reference compliance with Florida Building Code, Section 424. See attachments regarding residential barrier & electrical requirement per 5th edition FBC, R4101.16-R4101.17.14.