Reimagine Gall Boulevard

The Form-Based Code for the U.S./301 Gall Boulevard Corridor Area (see map at right) was adopted on January 25, 2016. The Form-Based Code was considered at public hearings before the Zephyrhills Planning Commission (December 8, 2015) and City Council (January 11, 2016 and January 25, 2016). Prior to the public hearings, a 30-day public review and comment period was observed.


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The City of Zephyrhills stands at a crossroads to the transformation of the U.S. 301/Gall Boulevard corridor in the city's center. U.S. 301, a state highway and main north-south corridor in Zephyrhills, will be redesignated to the nearby pair of one-way streets--6th and 7th Streets. The Florida Department of Transportation intends to widen the one-way pair, each to three lanes, to accommodate projected regional traffic. Once these streets are widened, the State will transfer Gall Boulevard ownership and maintenance responsibilities to the City.

What this means to our community is that significant changes are coming our way. In the face of these changes, the community can either 'wait and see' in hopes that everything works out or 'plan and do' to shape better outcomes. Our City leaders have decided that the 'wait and see' approach is too uncertain for the dozens of businesses and numerous residents within or adjacent to the corridor. Instead, the City is making plans to shape Gall Boulevard into not just a good street, but a great street that is vibrant, walkable, and economically sustainable.

With thoughtful planning and implementations, the change coming to our community can be an opportunity rather than a threat. The City's planning initiative, (Re)Imagine Gall Boulevard, has produced a clear vision and course of action for this one-mile corridor.

Corridor Vision

The community envisions the transformation of the U.S. 301/Gall Boulevard Corridor from a strip-commercial, car-focused highway to a mix of commercial, office, and residential uses arranged in mini “activity centers” that are as accessible to people on-foot and bikes as they are to cars. New development corridor would resemble a traditional “Main Street” including buildings built near the sidewalk and a grid network of streets that comfortably accommodate all users. Functional and attractive public open space and infrastructure would complement residences, workplaces, and shopping destinations and be designed to help meet the community's sustainability goals.

Form-Based Code

The Form-Based Code was developed specifically for the U.S. 301/Gall Boulevard Corridor Area. The Form-Based Code includes standards and regulations aimed at guiding future investments within the corridor that work together to create opportunities for:

  • Sensible development and redevelopment
  • Protection of special places
  • Housing options for consumers that prefer walkable, urban living
  • Business retention and new job creation
  • Complete streets that accommodate all users
  • Compatibility and connectivity with adjacent neighborhoods
  • Green infrastructure to manage stormwater

The Regulating Plan

The U.S. 301/Gall Boulevard Corridor Regulating Plan was prepared in the first phase of the (Re)Imagine Gall Boulevard initiative. The Regulating Plan set the framework for proposed form-based code.

Public Participation

The U.S. 301/Gall Boulevard Corridor Form-Based Code continued a community conversation about the preferred form and character of future development, redevelopment, and street improvements within the corridor area.

Helpful Resources

Learn more about (Re)Imagine Gall Boulevard by emailing Todd Vande Berg, Director of Planning, or contacting him my phone at 813-780-0006, ext. 1. The mailing address for City Hall, is :
5335 8th Avenue
Zephyrhills, FL 33542

Helpful Resources

To obtain the following documents, please call the Planning Department at 813-780-0000 and they can provide you with the document by fax or e-mail.

◦District Types of Form-Based Code Map
◦Form-Based Code Adopted FAQs
◦Frontage Types of Form-Based Code             Map
◦Street Types of Form-Based Code Map
◦Using the Form-Based Code

Map of the Gall Boulevard Project