Beginning Monday February 2nd, a contractor hired by the Utilities Department Water Division will be testing hydrants throughout the City. They will be hydrant flow testing, painting, installing ID numbers, and valve locating, cleaning and operation. Also, the hydrants will GPS located. The process will begin in the south end of the city and will continue for three (3) months. 

The purpose is at a minimum three-fold for us:

First, flushing of the water lines via the hydrants will improve water quality throughout the City.

Second,  to make sure our fire hydrants are operating properly and flowing at the maximum rate possible with the water and pressure supplied to them. Which may assist the residents and businesses with their insurance rates due to a good ISO rating.

Third, the Water and Fire Department will have the exact location of all fire hydrants to minimize responses to emergencies such as fires.

There may be times where a customer’s water quality has the appearance of discoloration. This is not indicative of unsafe water. The cause of this is the fast movement of the water within the lines stirs up any sediment in the water mains. Again, this is not unsafe and is considered normal within the Water field. Yet, flushing through ones home or business is recommended.

 Please contact the following numbers for additional information if needed

813-780-0000 Ext. 3582, Water Division
813-714-6309 Water Division, After normal business hours
813-780-0000 Ext. 3507, Utilities Department
813-780-0015, Utility Billing Customer Service

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