City of Zephyrhills Recycling 2017




The  City of Zephyrhills offers a residential recyling program that is voluntary and very EASY to participate.  Place the following items curbside for collection: #1,#2, #3, #4, #5 and #7 plastics (numbers marked on the bottom of containers), aluminum and bimetal cans along with clear, brown, and green glass (please remove caps and or lids) newspaper, paper and cardboard.  Unmarked plastics are not acceptable for this program.  Recyling is offered twice-a-month.  To participate: place your recyclables curbside where your normal solid waste is collected.  Please do not place recyclables inside a trash receptacle.  All collected recyclables are transported to the Pasco County Material Recovery Facility for processing where items are sorted, baled, and then sold to be re-used for new products.


Please do not place the following items curbside: Styrofoam (of any kind), Plastic Film or bags, Plastic Picnic Ware, Aerosol cans,B, Oil / Paint Containers, Hazardous Chemicals, Ceramics, Crystal, Light Bulbs,Mirrors, Pyrex,Window Panes, Aluminum Foil, Egg Cartons and Pie Tins.

For questions or comments, please call the Sanitation Department at 813.780.0022. 

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