On January 25, 2016, the City of Zephyrhills adopted a Form-Based Code specifically for the U.S. 301/Gall Boulevard Corridor Area. The Form-Based Code is a tool used to regulate new development in a manner that is compatible with the community's vision.

The Form-Based Code contains standards and regulations to guide future public and private investments that work hand-in-glove to create opportunities for:

  • Development and redevelopment
  • Protection of special places
  • Expanded housing options
  • A vibrant destination for residents and visitors
  • Business retention and new job creation
  • Complete streets that accommodate all users
  • Compatibility and connectivity with adjacent neighborhoods
  • Green infrastructure to manage stormwater

City planners created the Form-Based Code in collaboration with a Code Advisory Group and guidance from the adopted Zephyrhills Community Redevelopment Plan and U.S. 301/Gall Boulevard Corridor Regulating Plan. The  Code Advisory Group, made up of community stakeholders, gave planners a greater understanding of the issues and opportunities within the corridor area. 


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