The City of Zephryhills Comprehensive Plan was updated and approved in Sept. 2010.  This important document serves to provide a "Blueprint" for growth of how the City envisions growing through the year 2025.  As our community continues to grow and develop, it is critical that the City continue to update and manage a strategic Master Plan that will help guide the City into the future.  Unmanaged growth and development will only lead to similar problems of urban and suburban sprawl that is seen unfortunately throughout the State of Florida.  Let's value our unique qualities and history that make Zephyrhills a special place to do business, to live and raise a family and to enjoy our natural and historical resources for both our residents and seasonal guests.

The Comprehensive Plan is comprised of many different elements.  Each element has a series of goals, objectives and policies.  The State requires that every five years the Comprehensive Plan be revisited with an evaluation and appraisal of the current plan and projections for the next five years.

Click on any portion of the Comprehensive Plan to download it in a PDF format.


  1. Future Land Use
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Public Facilities 
  5. PF Appendix - Water Supply Facilities Work Plan 
  6. Conservation 
  7. Conservation Appendix - Natural Areas Inventory 
  8. Recreation & Open Space 
  9. Intergovernmental Coordination
  10. Capital Improvements
  11. Economic Development
  12. Public School Facilities Element



  1. Cover Page
  2. Executive Summary 
  3. Public Participation 
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Concurrency Management System
  6. Amendment Records Page 
  7. Concurrency Management System 
  8. Table of Contents


  1. Future Land Use 
  2. Transportation 
  3. All Other Maps 
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