The City of Zephyrhills is proposing to relocate the existing traffic signal located at the entrances of Townview and Merchants Square Shopping Center on 301 to the intersection of 301 & Pretty Pond Road.  The proposed relocation is based on three justifications including: 1.) new growth on 301 and Pretty Pond Road ; 2.) Regional traffic movement improvements and 3.) emergency services and pedestrian safety.  The DOT will not allow the existing traffic signal to remain and construct a new signal at Pretty Pond due to spacing standards.  The relocation of the traffic signal will help accommodate current and planned growth that is occurring on both sides of 301 off Pretty Pond Road.  The property owners / businesses at all four corners will be able to take advantage of the traffic signal with the proposed relocation.  The signal relocation will also allow west bound traffic on Pretty Pond Road the opportunity to turn left or south on 301 versus cutting through the Townview Shopping Center to get to the current traffic signal.  Overall, this modification will finally assist in enhancing fire and police movements at this critical intersection and improve pedestrian safety and crossing to the 301 retail establishments.

The google aerials below provide existing and proposed traffic patterns for this general area with the traffic signal where it is presently and with the relocation to Pretty Pond Road. 

1. Brightside new signal circulation plan-2015-01-07-CURRENT SIGNAL PRE

2. Brightside new signal circulation plan-2015-01-07-CURRENT SIGNAL POST

3. Brightside new signal circulation plan-2015-01-07-SIGNAL

Please feel free to contact the City of Zephyrhills Planning Department for any questions and/or to provide any input.  The Planning Department can be reached at 813-780-0006. Comments can also be provided to Todd Vande Berg, Director of Planning electronically at: 'Contact Us' and selecting the Category of Planning & Redevelopment under 'Your Feedback'.
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