The Mayor and City Council serve as representatives of the electors of the City of Zephyrhills and are responsible for establishing the direction and policies of all affairs of the City.

Their primary duties include exercising legislative leadership and policy to promulgate the laws and ordinances of the City, approving an annual budget to provide for the needs and services of the City, setting policy and direction for the various functions of City government, and appointing citizens to serve on various advisory boards and committees.

In May of 2002, City Council adopted a mission statement that best represents the City‟s objectives as a local governmental entity:

"Zephyrhills is a friendly community which respects and embraces its past and heritage, values the diversity of its residents, and encourages economic growth and development while retaining its small town, neighborly charm."



Mayor Gene Whitfield -
W. Alan Knight - President -
Lance A. Smith - Vice President -
Kenneth Burgess - Councilman -
Kenneth V. Compton  - Councilman -
Charles E. Proctor - Councilman


Council President
W. Alan Knight

5335 8th Street
Zephyrhills, FL 33542

Ph: (813) 780-0000
Fx: (813) 780-0005 

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