City of Zephyrhills


In order to be registered in our system we will need the below information:


1)  State Certified License, OR

2)  State Registered License with County Competency

3)  Business Tax Receipt ( formerly known as "Occupational License")

4)  Worker's Compensation

5)  General Liability with the ---**City of Zephyrhills as certificate holder***

6)  Fictitious Name (unless the business is LLC, DBA,  Inc.)

7)  Authorization Letter on your business stationery/notarized listing person or persons who are authorized to sign/pick up permits.

8)  Address, Business phone and fax numbers

9)  $30.00 charge for contractors who are not Department of Professional Licensee.


If you carry a Department of Professional License whether certificate or registered you will only need to supply items 1-8.


Documents can be faxed to 813-780-0021 but will not become valid until all the above requirements are met.

***Certificate Holder Information

City of Zephyrhills- Building Dept.
5335  8th Street,    Zephyrhills,  FL  33542
Phone:  813-780-0020

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