The following will help you in your construction needs, in order to stay in compliance with the Ordinances of Zephyhrills and the State of Florida Building requirements.

·         Commercial Building Permit Requirements

·         Commercial Checklist - New Construction 

·         Building Permit Application Page 1 and Building Permit Application Page 2

·         Driveway Permit Application  

·         Temporary Sales Checklist

·         Certificate Of Occupancy

·         Permitting Requirements

·         Required Inspections

·         Fee Sheet

·         Connection fees for New Construction - call 780-0020.

·         Transportation Impact Fees Schedule

·         Connection Fees per Resolution

·         Water Meter Information Sheet

·         Right of Way Use Permit - Will be required for any new residential/commercial structures or driveways which connect to public roadways.

·         Specialty Contractors - Lawn Maintenance, Tree Service, Pressure Cleaning, Fence Installation, etc. desiring to do work within the City of Zephyrhills corporate limits but maintain a business office OUTSIDE the City of Zephyrhills.

·         Public Works Design Manual - Manual for street improvement design, including street lighting and driveways, road surfaces, minimum pavement thickenesses, minimum lane width/right-of-way, etc.

·         Requirements for special projects

o    Accessory Buildings & Structures

o    Pools and Spas

o    Signs - Under Land Development Code, Article VIII

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