Vendor Registration

The City of Zephyrhills is pleased to announce the launch of Vendor Access (VA) as an enhanced service to our vendors. The VA program will provide you with access to key information and business records while streamlining the accuracy of the data we have on file for you.

The VA program will grant online account access with the ability to:

• Access to your vendor information 24/7
• View purchase orders, invoices, and 1099 data
• Track payment processing and check issuance
• Maintain and update your business information
• Sign up or maintain your ACH banking information
• Mobile friendly

We do strongly encourage ACH as a method of payment. ACH payments provide both the sender and receiver the advantages of improved controls, reduced chances for check fraud, better cash management and greatly reduced bank charges. Our CTX file will contain the invoice number, invoiced amount and payment amount to make a smoother process for your Accounts Receivable Department. You can add your ACH information in on your vendor profile once you get logged in. The required ACH enrollment form is listed below.

You can access the registration page at: