Temporary Sales Checklist

Temporary Sales Checklist
City of Zephyrhills
5335 8th Street
Zephyrhills, Fl. 33542
Phone: 813-780-0020
Fax: 813-780-0021


____ Detailed Plot Plan showing setup of location. Refer to Ordinance 1038-09, Sec 4

____ Notarized letter from property owner stating their approval.

____ A flame retardant certificate is required IF a tent is involved. Inspection required once tent is erected and prior to opening                      for business.

____ Approved certified fire extinguishers per NFPA 10.

____ No Smoking signs must be placed outside entrances.

____ IF there is a wire fence or chain link fencing must have at least 5 Ft setback from tent and at least 2 exits.

____ IF tent has sides, the sides shall be in the up position unless there is inclement weather, then 2 sides must be in the up                          position.

FIREWORK REQUIREMENTS – (In addition to the above)

____ Proof of State License.

____ Proof of Liability insurance and Workman Comp insurance

____ List of items to be sold at site.

____ Copy of Drivers License and Social Security Number of all personnel dealing with the sale of fireworks at the tent location.


____ $30.00 – City Registration (If Regulated by DBPR – Fee is Waived)

____ $500.00 – Fireworks fee

____ $5.00 – Temporary Sales Fee for 1st two days

         $1.00 – Temporary Sales Fee per day for each consecutive day thereafter, not to exceed duration of 7 consecutive days                                      and no more than two occurrences during a 12 month period on same property Ord #1038-09, Sec 6

____ $ 45.00 – Tent Fee (45.00/BD) –(*$15.00 waived for Fireworks)

____ $ 45.00 – Electrical Fee (if applicable)


Property Owner: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Applicant: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone Contact: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Address Site: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Date(s) of Sale: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Ordinance No. 1038-09 (for additional requirements)