South Avenue Reclaim Water Line Project

South Avenue Reclaim Water Line

Project Summary

Construction of approximately 3,000 feet of 12 inch reclaim water main along South Avenue, from 17th Street west to Zephyr Park. Initial purpose is to use the reclaim water to irrigate Zephyr Park.

This project will reduce potable water irrigation, thereby reducing the stress upon the Floridian Aquifer which supplies the City of Zephyrhills their drinking water.

Upon completion of this project there will be opportunities for residential and commercial properties that will be able to utilize this inexpensive form of irrigation.

Current Project Status – As of February 24, 2014

Preliminary design, permitting, surveying, and final design have been completed by the City’s consulting engineer, Ash Engineering of Tampa, Florida.

Partial construction was completed the week of February 17th with the needed directional boring under Hwy301 and a few side streets. The remaining materials have been ordered and are awaiting delivery. City personnel will be taking on the task of installing this line to save the City residents money. This installation of the rest of the "Purple Pipe" will commence within the next two to three weeks.

Project Completion

Project completion goal is April 30, 2014.