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Welcome to Historic Tour of Homes. History is a vital part of each community and the City Of Zephyrhills is proud to recognize these unique historic structures that have contributed so much to the fiber of our community.

City History

Zephyrhills began as Abbott(s) on April 18,1888, with 280.74 acres. A voting district was established in 1893 and a post office in 1896. Captain H.B. Jeffries, from Pennsylvania, purchased 35,000 acres in 1909 to start a colony for Civil War Veterans. Five acres sold for $50 and a lot in the city was thrown in for free. The town was established in March 1910 and became incorporated in 1914. Captain Jeffries brought the first newspaper publisher, G.H. Gibson, to Zephyrhills in 1911. The first paper was The Colonist, now known as The Zephyrhills News, still in operation on Fifth Avenue. A school was built in 1910 and a library established in 1912.

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