Chief of Police

"Take care of the little things, before they become big things."  Our Police Chief David Shears can be heard saying this over and over in nearly every conversation throughout his first year as our Police Chief. This mindset to correct and give attention to the smallest of details can be tedious. Yet, this has shown to have a positive rippling effect on the whole department and we've seen this now occur for our community.  

Uniform Crime Reporting Data

The 2009 Uniform Crime Reporting data was recently released. These statistics  are important for us to pay attention to as we analyze new and current crime  trends across the state. These statistics give us important feedback  as we try new approaches in Law Enforcement and work to maintain tried and true approaches to preventing crime within our community.

Chief David W. Shears

Department Success Rate

By June of last year, with a 48.1% clearance rate and a 22% reduction in violent crimes, we knew we were on the right track. Our total crime index dropped 14.6% from the previous year. This is a vast improvement and can be attributed to paying attention to details within each investigation. We are asking our Police Officers to become investigators, problem solvers and apprehenders. We are holding ourselves and our members accountable to the jobs we promised to do. We are proud of our conscientious and professional members of Zephyrhills Police Department and look forward to a safe and productive year.

David W. Shears

Chief of Police